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Business Experts Advisory Group

We support our customers in achieving their objectives through our Business Experts Advisory Group. That is why our services are oriented to the development of projects and solutions tailored to the needs of our customers.

Creative solutions to complex challenges

At MAFRA, each customer is unique. In the same way, their needs, requirements and objectives are very specific. That is why, and aware of this, we incorporated to our Business Experts Advisory Group the service of Customized Solutions Development.

Customized Solutions respond to the unique needs of our customers. Hence, we analyze their requirements in detail until we reach a thorough understanding of their needs and the objectives they want to achieve. Additionally, we seek to realize the “reason-why” behind each request. As a result, we offer our customer the exact solution that meets their requirements.

Soluciones creativas a retos complejos

Due to our 30 years of experience, we are able to respond and solve the challenges of our customers. Certainly, so far, there has not been a situation that has not allowed us to fulfill any requirement, no matter how difficult it seem.

Soluciones creativas a retos complejos

Do you have a new project? Are you facing new challenges and can鈥檛 find the solution? Do you need an ally in your supply chain so that it flows in an optimum way? At MAFRA you will find Creative Solutions to Complex Challenges.

Mafra is your best ally!

Transportable silos for the storage of your materials

Does your company have cycles of high demand for material? Is your company steadily growing? Do you have high requirements of raw material? 聽聽Is your warehouse space not sufficient for the storage of your materials?

In our Business Experts Advisory Group you will find the solution.

MAFRA has transportable silos for the satisfactory storage of materials, and which can be rented by our customers. Therefore, if your company has cycles of high demand for material, or is constantly growing with high requirements for raw materials and does not have enough space available for their storage, MAFRA provides transportable silos for an planned supply, with which we support your needs and solve your problems.

Silos m贸viles

Our storage silos allow our customers to count with an uninterrupted supply of high-volume material for the processing and production operations. Firstly, our MAFRA Advisors will design the complete bulk materials handling and storage system most appropriate to the customer’s needs. In the same way, we will carry out the evaluation of the site, the filling, and picking of material.

Manipulaci贸n adecuada de materiales

As a result, handling high-volume bulk storage through our transportable silos storage service, provides our customers with multiple benefits such as:

  • Material costs reduction
  • Labour cost reduction
  • Inventory costs reduction
  • Increase in productivity
  • Higher performance in the production line

In MAFRA you will find your best ally!

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Select the most suitable material for your products

Do you need to improve the quality of your products? Are you going to launch a new product to the market and have doubts about which is the most suitable material for its manufacture? Do you need to reduce production costs without affecting the quality of your products? Do you need to meet certain standards or requirements of your customers?

The diversity of materials and resins available in the market is very wide, consequently, the election becomes exceptionally complex. Because of that, at the MAFRA Business Experts Advisory Group, we advise and guide our customers in the selection of the most convenient materials according to their needs.

El material adecuado para cada producto

The trial and error costs in the use of materials are very high, especially when there is lack of an extensive knowledge about the properties and applications of materials. In view of this, the Advice of the MAFRA experts reduces to a minimum the number of required tests, thus helping our customers to quickly find the most convenient materials for their products and with the expected quality according to their special characteristics.

Asesor铆a de expertos en la selecci贸n de materiales

At MAFRA we focus in understanding the needs of our customers and support them to achieve their objectives. We advise our customers in the comprehension and analysis of the properties and applications of the materials so that they can develop the best products.

At MAFRA we support you to improve the quality of your products!

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Advice from our technicians step by step

Are you looking for a change of material of your products? Are you searching for an equivalent material at a lower cost? Do you want your product to be more resistant? Are you thinking about expanding the use of your products? Is there a shortage of materials in the market causing you to stop your production line? Are you unsure on how to process the new material you have acquired?

The Expert Advisors at the MAFRA Advisory Group are at your disposal to support you. Accordingly, they will advise you by presenting all the equivalent options available and, in addition, they will advise you on how to improve the materials for the applications you require.

Expertos en materiales

Overall, at MAFRA you will always have more than one option, and, regardless of the market conditions, you will always have the necessary raw material for your production line.

To that end, our technicians will guide you step by step in the use of materials in order to guarantee the success in the manufacture of your products.

Apoyo t茅cnico paso a paso

Trust MAFRA and end the problem of materials shortage!


Your project is our project.

Let鈥檚 move forward together!

Does your company have the experience and availability necessary to carry out your projects successfully? Do you require a specific solution? Do you need to comply with standards? Do you have specific delivery requirements?

Whether your project is one of Creation or Improvement, MAFRA accompanies you with highly specialized personnel who have the knowledge and expertise necessary to make your project a success. Thus, the projects area of the Business Experts Advisory Group at MAFRA, will develop a customized solution for your needs. What鈥檚 more, our specialty is to generate Creative Solutions to Complex Challenges.

In addition, have Expert Advisors 聽and a network of professionals and strategic partners that allow us to create bridges to achieve the objectives of our customers.

Focus on your company鈥檚 growth while we solve your problems!

Tu proyecto es nuestro proyecto

Our Methodology

MAFRA has a project development methodology that consists of five phases that revolve around the needs of our customers. These phases are:

  1. Discovery – Understanding the customer’s needs and the challenges they face..
  2. Creation of alternatives – Development of different solution alternatives by our team of experts.
  3. Analysis – We study the pros and cons of each alternative together with our customers to find the most suitable options.
  4. Solution proposal – Conceptual development of the solution through a concrete proposal.
  5. Execution – Development and implementation of the project.


At MAFRA the success of our customers is our own, and solving their problems our main challenge. Your project is our project. Allow us to help you!


Creative Solutions to Complex Challenges!

Strategic Partners

Along with our commercial allies, we provide logistics and transportation services throughout the Mexican Republic and abroad,聽 for the success of your projects.

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30 years of experience at your fingertips

At MAFRA, Our Expert Advisors are prepared to assist you to successfully accomplish your projects.

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