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Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry it is important to find the balance between various elements. First, it is essential to obtain high performance of the material and competitive prices. Second, in addition to style, comfort and safety are required. Finally, efficient fuel consumption and minimal impact on the environment are very necessary. Innovative plastics are certainly an essential factor in this sector due to their following advantages:

  • First, they enable savings in fuel, as plastic components weigh 50 percent less than similar components made from other materials. What’s more, for every kilogram of weight that is reduced, a car will emit 20 kilograms less of carbon dioxide during its useful life.
  • Second, they provide lightweight solutions meeting essential safety requirements, such as fire safety.
  • Finally, they allow energy absorption, weight reduction and an innovative design, while contributing at the same time to passenger safety. Example: cushioning for the fascias, the seat belts, the air bags and the suppression of the risks of explosion of the fuel tank among others.

In addition, the lightness of high-quality thermoplastics used in automobiles makes it possible for a car to use an average of 3.3 liters of fuel per 100 km, emitting only 86 grams of CO2 per kilometero.

As a result, the applications of plastics in the automotive industry range from containers for brake fluids and water, car batteries, tail lights, lights and fascias to all items used in trucks, buses, motorcycles, bicycles, airplanes, military vehicles, ships, boats and recreational vehicles.

Consulted in el 23 de abril de 2021

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