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Construction Industry

The construction industry consumes a significant amount of plastic each year. It should be noted that much of the new pipe fittings, for example, are made of plastic. In addition, plastics in buildings are often not visible at a glance, yet they are used in a wide variety of applications such as insulation, pipes, window frames, and also in interior designs.

Likewise, the growth in the use of plastic in this sector is mainly due to its unique characteristics such as:

  • First of all, durability and resistance to corrosion – Its anticorrosive properties give them a useful life that exceeds 100 years for plastic pipes, and 50 years for underground and outdoor cables.
  • Second, insulation ‚Äď It provides effective insulation against cold and heat avoiding energy loss.
  • Third, cost-effectiveness – The cost of manufacturing and installing plastic components is usually less than that of traditional materials.
  • In addition, the ease of installation, use and maintenance – Plastic requires practically no maintenance. ¬†A very important element for safety is that the flexibility of the plastic allows that the tubes can adapt to the movements of the ground.
  • Also Sustainability – It allows the saving of resources thanks to the profitability of its production, ease of installation and durability. Plastics can be reused, recycled or converted into energy.
  • Another is that it allows innovation in new designs and the use of technology in the sector.
  • Finally, Fire Safety – Many of the plastic products used are fire resistant: smoke detectors, alarms and automatic fire systems. PVC is the most widely used polymer in this sector due to its intrinsic characteristics of fire resistance, among others.

Therefore, among the applications that resins have in the products used by this sector are:

  • Rigid and flexible tubes
  • Tanks
  • Profiles for structures
  • Panels and domes
  • Floors and carpets
  • Doors and windows
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Trellises, fences and railings

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