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Plastic is the distinctive material of our times and stands out as one of the greatest human achievements. Anywhere we look we will find plastic items that contribute to the activities of home, office, school and work. It is the material that accompanies us throughout our lives.

Plastic has evolved significantly since its beginnings in 1862. In 2016 there were already 64 main types of plastic; however, the ramifications can be extended significantly, which is why it has been necessary to make a segmentation of these elements.



Technical Specifications

Characteristics and Properties

Support table to identify the main properties and characteristics for each type of resin


Ranges of Properties

Support table that includes the ranges of the main properties to be considered for each type of resin


Technical Tables by Grade

Technical Information on the Specific Properties by type of primary resin


Technical Sheets

LDPE Polietileno de Baja Densidad
LLDPE – Polietileno Lineal de Baja Densidad
ULDPE – Polietileno de Ultra Baja Densidad
LMDPE – Polietileno de Media Densidad
HDPE – Polietileno de Alta Densidad
HMWPE – Polietileno de Alto Peso Molecular
PP-H – Polipropileno Homopol铆mero
PP-I – Polipropileno de Alto Impacto
PP-R – Polipropileno Random

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