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Containers and Packaging

Plastic has become the ideal material for the manufacture of containers and packaging in all types of commercial, industrial, medical and consumer products. This is due, first of all, to the combination of its versatility of use, from foils to rigid applications, as well as its unique characteristics such as strength, lightness, stability, barrier properties and, above all, its ease of sterilization

One of the benefits of plastic in food containers and packaging is that they preserve both the original flavor of the food and the quality of the product. In addition, plastic has barrier properties, which guarantee that food stays fresh for longer and also maintains its natural flavor; finally, it protects them from contamination. Due to its versatility, it allows many applications such as sheets for fresh meat packaging; bottles for beverages, edible oils and sauces; in yogurt bases and butter containers.

Advantages of plastic containers and packaging

Among the main advantages of the use of plastic containers we have the following:

  • First, it is a lighter material – That is to say, it means less freight and fewer trucks to transport products. For this reason, the fuel consumption and the amount of emissions, as well as the shipping costs are reduced. Similarly, less waste is generated.
  • It also allows a better preservation and protection of food – Plastic containers hygienically protect and preserve perishable food. In addition, they help reduce waste and the use of preservatives, while maintaining the flavor and nutritional value of the product.
  • In addition, they are convenient and innovative – They allow to comply with the conditions for clear labels and identification and they are easy to open and use. In fact, plastic packaging has evolved to such an extent that it can now integrate printable RFID (radio frequency identification) chips made from conductive polymers to provide relevant information on product quality and condition.
  • Finally, they are Safe and hygienic.

Uses of plastic in containers and packaging

Plastic is used in the manufacture of rigid or flexible containers that store and protect the product with which they are in direct contact. Plastic containers protect food and medicines from contamination and help prevent germs from spreading during the manufacturing, distribution, and display of the product.  Hermetic closures provide an extra level of protection and safety, and the transparent packaging allows the product to be visible without touching it, thus protecting it from shock and other damage.

Among the containers made of plastic are:

  • Bottles, jars, glasses and trays
  • Flexible films for the manufacture of grocery bags and protection of vegetables, grains, pasta, sweets and medicines
  • Buckets, pails and lids
  • Blisters packaging for pills
  • Clamshell packaging or food containers
  • Raffia sacks
  • Drums and barrels
  • Bottles for water, milk, soda and liquid food in general.

Besides rigid products such as boxes, pallets or blisters, there are also flexible products such as protective foams or plastic meshes.

Within this category, packaging-together items are considered, such as the flexible material that holds and reinforces the packaging, for example:

  • Strapping
  • Ribbons
  • Ropes
  • Palletizing film.

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