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Did you know that nowadays, Plastics have an important use across most of the major sectors?

This is due to the existence of a wide diversity of plastics materials. The great variety of types of plastics available on the market makes the selection of the right plastics materials for a specific application an increasingly complex activity.

Do you require the support of an Expert to build or improve your transformation and production process?

At MAFRA, Our Business Experts Advisory Group work in continuous collaboration with our customers to advise them on the choice of the most suitable plastics materials to achieve the Best Solutions.

Our 30-year Experience in the Industry allows us to deliver solutions that facilitate that the development of new businesses and the improvement of the existing ones count with the support and accompanying of a Great Support Team.

We have accompanied many entrepreneurs in the evolution of their companies! Our Experts are ready to support you with the following services:

Warehouse Management

Do you have warehouse management problems?

Mobile Warehousing

Limited warehousing space is one of the problems that our customers frequently face.

Come to us and together we will pull off the best solution to achieve an efficient production line.

Be able to have on hand the material you need at the right time regardless of the quantity!


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Do you require specialized know-how for the development of a new product or project?


The quantity of types of materials and applications in the market escalates by the day, thus, understanding the combination of products, properties and, given the case, additives, has become increasingly complex.

We make available to our customers the Specialized Knowledge in Plastics that we have acquired in the course of our 30 years of experience in the industry, in such a manner that they can successfully complete their projects.

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Do you need a specific range of resins for the development of a new product?


We count with a broad range of plastic resins to meet the requirements of our customers. With us you will find different alternatives in Prime Products which allow you to obtain the best results.


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Does your company count with the necessary experience and availability to successfully carry out your new projects?


Our specialized personnel has the expertise and knowledge necessary to successfully develop your projects, generating Tangible Results and Solutions.

Your project is Our Project!


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Have you planned a new Project in your company?

Whether your project is one of Creation or Improvement, MAFRA accompanies you with highly specialized personnel who have the knowledge and expertise necessary to make your project a success.

Make sure that the established plans culminate in Tangible Solutions and Results!


The satisfaction of our customers through the excellence in the services we provide is the Heart of our company.
We have developed a Compliance Model that conforms the MAFRA DNA and which is based on the essential elements and factors of our operation. The MAFRA Model allows us to offer high-quality personalized services that meet the needs and requirements of our customers, and that provide creative solutions to the challenges they face.


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Ecological Awareness

Our Commitment to the Planet

We are committed to the Environment, the sustainable Growth and the Circular Economy, whereby we improve our processes, products and services in a steady way, including the elements that intervene in the supply chain which affects our end customers.

Main Initiatives in support of the Circular Economy


We promote the productivity and efficiency of our collaborators by avoiding overtime, extra consumption of materials and the overuse of machinery and equipment,

We carry out our deliveries in the best conditions, avoiding reconditioning by our customer and facilitating their direct use.

We encourage the purchase of raw materials in Bulk to reduce the use of individual sacks, thus, reducing the use of packaging materials.

We carry out all delivery trips to the customer with full loads of materials.

We avoid overstocking, which allows us not to spend resources on conditioning and maintenance of raw materials.

Since 2019 we stopped commercializing materials that damage the environment. We focus on materials for which there are forms of reprocessing and recycling, contributing altogether with our suppliers and customers, to improve the cycles of use and recycling.

We have agreements with materials-recycling companies to make good use and monitoring of material waste.

All deliveries are made from the warehouse closest to the customer’s facilities, eliminating long journeys and reducing fuel consumption, saving resources and reducing pollutant emissions to the environment.

Testimonials from the beneficiaries of our projects

“Having an ally like MAFRA allows us to focus on our core business with the certainty that our projects will end up successfully”

Managing Director – Consumer goods production

“We decided to venture into the manufacturing of a new product, but we had no idea about which the most suitable materials were. A MAFRA specialist advised us on the selection of the best material. Nowadays, our product is positioned as one of the highest quality in the market”

Director of Operations – Health products production

Strategic Partners

Along with our commercial allies, we provide logistics and transportation services throughout the Mexican Republic and abroad, for the success of your projects.






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