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Quality Standards

Strict hygiene protocols in packaging and delivery of materials

Our customer in the food industry sector required high quality standards; they needed to apply strict health and hygiene protocols in materials handling. The main challenges of this project were the following:

  • First, immediate implementation of the new measures
  • Second, no increase in the costs of materials
  • Third, safe delivery of materials

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Industrial MAFRA implemented hygiene protocols in all areas of the company and in compliance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health. The commercial area classified the orders into two categories: Normal Use and Critical Use, this depending on the line of business and use of the requested materials. The logistics area applied the following measures for the Critical Use materials:

  • Allocation of a specific area for material handling
  • Staff’s use of coveralls, gloves and masks for epidemiological purposes
  • Fumigation of pallets
  • Strict hygiene process from staff access to bagging and delivery of materials

The requirements of our customer were 100% fulfilled at no extra cost.

At Industrial MAFRA, Service and fulfillment in accordance with the Delivery Conditions are our priority. We comply with the strictest levels of quality and health standards, packaging conditions and delivery of materials.

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