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MAFRA – 30 years building experiences

Industrial MAFRA is a 100% Mexican private company. Avant-garde in the commercialization and distribution of plastic resins throughout the Mexican Republic, we work hand in hand with our customers in the design and implementation of creative solutions to the complex challenges they face, generating positive experiences and becoming a fundamental business ally.

At MAFRA we distribute plastic resins – polyethylene and polypropylene – national and imported. We provide door-to-door solutions incorporating logistics and transportation services, with quality and efficiency, in continuance with the vision of our founders.

We are the commercial entity of an industrial group with a focal point on polyolefin services, transportation and logistics throughout all the Mexican territory.

The MAFRA Philosophy

The MAFRA Philosophy is the pillar that governs our organization to assist our customers meet their objectives. Our commitment is the generation of value in our customers through our services. At MAFRA we promote the Circular Economy, we firmly believe that this should be the guide to make the recycling of raw materials a common denominator for the sake of our planet.



To be the main commercial partner of our customers.



Develop and implement creative solutions that generate high value for our customers. Differentiate ourselves from the competition through the excellence of our services, the high quality of the products we offer and our flexibility to adapt, apply and comply with protocols, standards and specific requirements of our customers.



  • Attitude open to change to improve day by day
  • Commitment to our Value offer
  • Trust of our customers and our commercial allies.
  • Integrity in our actions as human beings and as a company.
  • Passion to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.
  • Respect for all our internal and external collaborators.

The MAFRA Ecosystem

The MAFRA Ecosystem is comprised of the elements necessary to fulfill the needs of our customers, providing them with full attention and quality services. These elements are: the MAFRA Philosophy, the Value Offer, the Governance Objectives and Continuous Improvement.

El ecosistema MAFRA - Mejora continua - resinas plásticas


From the first contact to the delivery of the requested service, our customers receive personalized attention focused on the satisfaction of their needs.

Our customers have the peace of mind that they are guided at all times by Advisors with Extensive Knowledge and Experience in the polyethylene market in Mexico.

Our customers find in MAFRA a reliable, honest Business Partner with a calling for customer service. Reputation supported by 30 years of presence in the market.

MAFRA’s steadiness and financial foundation are some of the reasons by which our customers trust to do business with us.

An extensive warehousing and transportation infrastructure is available to our customers through solid Strategic Alliances.

Testimonials from our customers 

MAFRA’s advice and accompaniment has been fundamental in the development of our line of ecological products, which has placed us as market leaders “.

Director of Operations - Pharmaceutical Industry

“The logistics services from MAFRA have allowed us to deliver our products on time and at competitive prices in different points in Latin America”

Logistics Director – Automotive Industry

Strategic Partners

Along with our commercial allies, we provide logistics and transportation services throughout the Mexican Republic and abroad, for the success of your projects.

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