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Medical Applications

The variety of medical applications of plastic is very wide and more relevant by the day. In fact, it is not possible to imagine modern medical care without the large number of medical products made of this material, to which we are already accustomed. What’s more, just observe the objects in a doctor’s office or hospital, where there are plastic products everywhere: from gloves, sterile syringes, adhesive bandages, intravenous blood bags, IV tubes, even valves for the heart.

Plastic is an ideal material for medical applications, this due to the fact that it has exceptional barrier properties that are ideal for preventing contamination. In addition, innovations in plastic have made possible new procedures that in the past were unimaginable.

The most common medical applications

Some of the most common medical applications are:

First, the unblocking of blood vessels. The small spiral-shaped implant that is introduced into the blood vessels through a catheter, is made of a plastic developed specifically for medicine and is filled with active substances.

Second, prosthetics. Plastic is used for the manufacture of orthopedic devices to align, support and correct deformities, given that this material can improve the function of the moving parts of the body, and even replace a limb performing its main function. Similarly, synthetic materials are also essential in the treatment of affected arteries when it is necessary to cut and remove the affected section of the aorta; the space caused by the cut is filled with a flexible plastic prosthesis.

Third, artificial corneas. Currently, in those cases in which a conventional transplant has a poor prognosis, it is possible to use artificial corneas, which are manufactured with a special silicone. In reality, artificial corneas are only 0.3-0.5 mm thick, in addition, they are highly transparent and flexible, and are also biomechanically similar to a natural cornea.

Also, hearing aids, plastic implants for people with severe hearing problems. These implants are usually composed of several plastic components such as: microphone, transmission device, implanted microcomputer, stimulator and electrode holder for different frequencies.

Finally, the plastic capsules for pills. The plastic capsules for pills allow the release of the exact dose of its active ingredients at the necessary moment, this due to the fact that they are made of a polymer of tartaric acid that gradually disintegrates, and also, it releases the active ingredients little by little. This is why these medications prevent that large amounts of pills are ingested frequently.

Products for medical use

Among the many applications of plastic in the area of ​​medicine is the manufacture of various products such as:

  • Rigid and flexible containers for blood, serum and medicines in general
  • Infusion tubing
  • Syringes
  • Tweezers
  • Disposable accessories
  • Containers for hazardous waste
  • Prosthesis
  • Cardiac Pacemaker
  • Complete valves for heart and respiratory system
  • Floors
  • Probes
  • Hospital clothing

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