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Processing and Quality

Change of Resin for the improvement of the processing and final quality


Processing of new materials preserving or improving the quality is fundamental. Thus, our customer from the home appliances sector needed alternative materials that would allow manufacturing products of higher quality.

Among the main challenges that the project faced were:

  1. First, keep production costs at an optimal level

  2. Second, do not negatively impact the production processes

  3. Third, measure up to the required standards

Firstly, the MAFRA Experts carried out studies and analyzed different alternate materials based on the customer’s needs. Additionally, the customer was advised on their use, tests were performed, and, finally, the results obtained were studied until the most appropriate resin was found.

Consequently, the use of new resins allowed our customer to significantly increase the quality level of their products: processing resulted more efficient and complying with the standards, while the costs remained at optimal levels.

Our customer was able to achieve their objectives minimizing the cost of testing the new materials with the advice of MAFRA.

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