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Materials storage

Our customer in the home appliance sector required to improve their supply chain. Thus, they needed to pre-purchase materials for their annual production schedule. Due to this, the project faced crucial challenges including:

  1. First, the lack of space to store the material
  2. Second, store the material in such conditions appropriate to preserve its quality and keep it in perfect condition.
  3. Third, have the material ready for its use at the precise moment
  4. Finally, ensure the supply of material in high demand.

In the first place, MAFRA projects analyzed with the customer their specific supply needs and jointly developed a delivery plan. As a result, MAFRA logistics assigned a storage area for the customer and developed the logistics processes to carry out the deliveries according to the plan. In this way, the customer has obtained the following benefits:

  1. Focus in their Core Business without engaging in storage.
  2. Available floor space free of raw materials.
  3. Receive the materials Just in Time for the manufacturing process.
  4. Supply of materials in high demand to meet their production plan.
  5. Materials costs assurance which allowed them to keep their budgeted profit margin.
  6. Supply chain optimization.

With MAFRA the customer has a business ally for the accomplishment of their objectives.

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