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Our customer in the industrial sector required delivery and customized placement of materials for immediate use in their industrial processes. The main challenges of the project were the following:

  1. Reduced storage spaces
  2. Difficulty for the movement of materials within the warehouse
  3. The use of skates and forklifts was not workable due to space restrictions.

MAFRA Logistics area developed the customized delivery plan according to the customer’s needs and considering their limitations. The materials were shipped from MAFRA warehouse to their destination. The operations for unloading and arrangement of materials were carried out entirely by MAFRA personnel and in accordance with the customer’s specifications. The customer was able to count on the availability of materials at the supply point on time for the industrial process.

Having delegated these activities to MAFRA allowed our customer to obtain the following benefits:

  1. It was not necessary to hire additional personnel to perform the unloading and arrangement activities.
  2. The personnel were able to focus 100% on the production activities.
  3. The materials were available at the supply point on time for the industrial process.
  4. Increased efficiency in the use of their resources.

MAFRA is the only provider offering the service of delivery, unloading and arrangement of materials at the final safekeeping point. Our delivery of materials is tailored to the needs of our customers.

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